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Yeti Crab: The Face of Evil

November 11, 2008


People fear what haunts the deep.

Certainly people fear the scourges of the shallows- namely small jellyfish and middle aged men in European swim wear- but nothing quite compares to the horror of something rising up from the unplumbed depths of the ocean to seize and drag you into the darkness.

It happens.

People are literally dragged into the depths by unnamed creatures on a regular basis, but few researchers have been able to ascertain the identity of these predators and live to report the findings.

For centuries seafarers have described all manner of loathsome, man-eating creatures, but not until 2005 did the unshakeable mandates of science confirm the existence of a beast more vile, evil, and rapacious than any rum-addled seaman could ever conceive of: The Yeti Crab. Read the rest of this entry ?