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Beer Yeti to Seek Inclusion in University Curricula

July 30, 2009


Get a degree from the universe

Research shows that, at one time or another, you have seriously considered obtaining a degree in cryptozoology.

Through very advanced, very secret, in-house polling techniques, The Beer Yeti has discovered that most of the greater Ural region, as well as significant portions of the United States population, have longed for accreditation in this science.

To the shame of western civilization, most “major” universities have neglected to offer programs of study specifically focused on the Yeti, Sasquatch, and their lesser known relations. Of course this has resulted in organizations like ours having to accept job applicants with training in more traditional fields ( biology, physics, fencing), and then relying on experienced veterans of our crypto-liberation efforts to give them the additional training they need to carry the torch forward.

Our primarily experiential, crypto-freedom educational process would certainly be difficult to mesh with the limiting academic structures that most colleges and universities adhere to, but that doesn’t mean it shouldn’t be there.

For that matter, we believe that basic cryptozoological education should be introduced in the earliest levels of public education. We have all seen the result of not having this critical academic component.Not a good situation.

To remedy this, The Beer Yeti is volunteering to dedicate the time of several of our most experienced staff members to formulating a new university-level curriculum, with the hope of classroom introduction by the Fall 2010 semester Read the rest of this entry ?


The Implications of Vocalizations: Bigfoot Discovery Project weighs in

July 28, 2009

Why does Bigfoot scream?

This is a question that has troubled researchers, and confounded the scientific world for decades ( if not centuries). Very probably, science and technology has simply not advanced to a level whereby this question of the ages can be answered. Equally probable, is that a sound answer regarding the Sasquatch’s primal vocalizations would be more terrible and disconcerting than most people are willing to cope with. Could these calls be communications with his bipedal brethren? An attempt to push down its own yearning for solitude and speak to the trespassers in his domains?

The world does not know. Well, technically, “most” of the world doesn’t know. One cryptid researcher has refused to allow the limitations of traditional scientific documentation and observation to confine his probing into Sasquatch behaviors.

Michael Rugg, co-founder of the Bigfoot Discovery Project, has committed himself to the truth at all costs. By all costs, we mean ” at the cost of conventional western science.”  This from the BDP website-

“The BDP accepts the subject of the Patterson/Gimlin Film as the type specimen for the Pacific Coast Bigfoot or Sasquatch and seeks to create a dialogue about the implications of the impending “discovery of Bigfoot” by conventional Western science.

The Beer Yeti only hopes that conventionally eastern science has been more holistically embraced by Mr. Rugg. In the video below, Mr. Rugg elaborates on his findings on Sasquatch vocalizations, free from the restrictions of charts, first-hand experience and documented facts.

This isn’t science. It’s better than science.

Mr. Rugg’s Post-scientific, post categorical, pan-disciplinary, multi-dimensional, meta-research is the nation’s ( nay, the world’s) only hope of getting answers to these questions that plague us. Thank you Mr. Rugg, for all you are doing.

We are grateful for his dedication to the truth of the Sasquatch’s existence, and only hope that he will lend his wisdom and experience to protecting their freedom, and never infringing upon it.