The Beer Yeti Confronts Czech Car Manufacturer Over Controversial Marketing Campaign

August 11, 2009

skoda yeti

Exploitation: “The utilization of another person or group for selfish purposes”

If you are deeply offended the picture above, you should be. In fact, it was hotly debated at our staff meeting this morning whether we should even allow this photo to be released on our organizational blog.

After many tears were shed, we came to the conclusion that we are-after all- a research organization primary focused on cryptid protection and liberation, and to let this horror slip by unrefuted would be shrinking back from everything we have fought so long for.

Skoda Auto, a Czech vehicle manufacturer, recently introduced a new compact SUV styled the “Yeti.”

What a chance for Skoda! In their hands was the opportunity to christen a vehicle after a beast unrivaled in strength, cunning and ferocity.Instead, this company chose to go down the sad road of exploitation. Below is the letter which our organization will shortly be sending to Skoda’s Board of Directors.

Dear Sirs,

As the world’s foremost authority on post-credential cryptozoological research, and recognized pioneers in the Yeti liberation movement, we must condemn your recent exploitation of the Yeti during the Geneva Motor Show. While we applaud your application of the name “Yeti” to your charming new Sports Utility Vehicle, the merit of your name choice is completely eroded by your allowing an exploitative caricature of the Himalayan Yeti to be displayed at the aforementioned auto show. We should not have to remind professionals of your standing that the Yeti has suffered from persistent exploitation for decades. Instead of immortalized for its strength and elusive cunning, this noble beast has been consigned to cartoons and crass marketing ploys. In your hands was the opportunity to strike a blow against historic injustice, but you let it slip through your fingers. Frankly, the costumed character on display with your new vehicle has left our organization outraged, as well as many of the other groups that work so strenuously to understand our bipedal brethren.

The paunchy, fuzzy, gaping costume beside the vehicle is nothing less than an anatomical abomination. The vacant expression and insipid, toothless grin are a lie. Do you really want vehicles to sell because of a shameful misrepresentation? Your bromidic marketing scheme has emasculated a noble creature down to a gaping, adipose shell of itself.

We feel that a reparative, restitutional approach is the best means for you to show your commitment to avoiding this type of offense in the future. We are attaching an appropriately expressive, and anatomically correct, rendering of the Himalayan Yeti for you to use in the future.

On behalf of the Yeti, we hereby demand that all of your “Yeti” vehicles be recalled, and their hood emblem replaced with an ornament adhering to the specifications of the graphic we have attached. We also request a written apology to the public, to be displayed for one year on your company website. Likewise, we strongly urge  your marketing directors to submit themselves to an extensive “Cryptid Sensitivity” training regimen. Obviously this is just a push toward deeper levels of reconciliation that you will doubtless want to pursue with the cryptozoological research community.

Until these changes take place, we are forced withhold the endorsement and patronage your vehicle would otherwise receive from our organization. When you take these steps, the healing can begin. As part of our “bridges not walls” commitment to corporate partnerships, we would be willing to accept however many of the updated Yeti vehicles you choose to donate to our motor pool.

In Freedom from Fear,

The Beer Yeti




  1. I’ve never seen a Yeti, but I sure as hell know it wouldn’t look like that thing! I cant see a yeti climbin around mtns with a fat gut like that

  2. You don’t see anyone climbing around mountains with a fat gut like that.

  3. Have you sent this in to Skoda yet? Please post any response you get from them!

  4. We certainly will. In fact, we urge our readers to contact Skoda with their own concerns about cryptid exploitation.


  5. Our open letter has been submitted to Skoda Auto. We look for a speedy response, and will keep our readers posted.

    The Beer Yeti

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