Siberian UFO Base May Reveal Yeti Intergalactic Connection

September 21, 2009


When The Beer Yeti first proposed the revolutionary theory of Yeti/Extraterrestrial interaction, skeptics came out of the woodwork to belittle the notion. Now, the naysayers can ask themselves this question: “Do I want Cool Whip when I have to eat a big, fat piece of Humble Pie?”

Extremely credible research has emerged suggesting that conclusive evidence of our theory is shortly to be revealed. According to this world-renowned news site, a UFO researcher in Russia intends to explore what he believes is the extra terrestrial equivalent of a truck stop-

“Recently, a series of domed underground bases have been discovered on the banks of the Vilyuy River. These are believed by many researchers to be UFO bases used by visiting extra terrestrials. There are said to be vast structures and many rooms beneath these domes. These domes are believed to have been used by UFO travelers for thousands of years.”

UFO travelers? Underground bases? Finally some substantive contributions from the media!

Lest you question the veracity of these postulations, the expedition’s leader is standing by to allay your fears. Nikolay Subbotin, a self-identifying UFO researcher, apparently has seen (or read) everything he needs to declare the project worthy of his attention.

“It is written in ancient Tibetan scrolls that in times gone by these domes were part of defense system for an ancient ET colony. I know all this sounds highly unbelievable and like complete fantasy, however, having read the scrolls myself, I can say that they really do contain such information.”

Using even a contemporary Tibetan scroll as backing for doing anything is unbelievably intense. Implying that you have multiple, ancient Tibetan scrolls whose secrets you have assimilated is about as intense as riding a cyborg Orca through a supernova of radioactive magma. That’s what it is like for Nikolay Subbotin every day. You have doubts? When you produce multiple, ancient Tibetan texts saying there isn’t an underground alien base in Siberia maybe he will take time from opening the secrets of the universe to listen to you.

At one time, taking the word of a UFO researcher who claimed to have interpreted Tibetan scrolls about an underground alien base would have fomented doubt in our minds. That was before we got post-credential. Plus, he “read them himself.” It’s not like he got the scoop second hand. That would be crazy.


( Nikolay Subbotin in red shirt. Well, it’s either Subbotin, or Larry Mullen from U2)


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