High road or low: Which will Sam Raimi take?

September 30, 2009


“Ok Yeti, say hello to the 21st Century!”

The announcement that director Sam Raimi ( “Army of Darkness,” “Spiderman”) will be producing the Yeti-centric film “Refuge,” caused quite a stir around The Beer Yeti research compound. Some of our crypto-liberation researchers have welcomed the news, others ( namely Rick in accounting) remain deeply skeptical that the producer will give the legendary beast its due respect.

According to Reuters, the film “centers on a remote town terrorized by a Yeti, the mythological creature native to the mountains of the Himalayas.”

Aside from  sloppy reporting by Reuters ( “mythological”), this sounds like a film our organization-nay the entire crypto-liberation movement- could rall behind.

We realize that the previous sentence could be disconcerting to some of our  co-activists in the fight against cryptid exploitation. How could the staunchest defender of Yeti dignity stoop to endorse silver screen objectification?

We urge you to consider that this film could be a step toward undoing deeply-rooted patterns of historic injustice. After all, knowledgeable individuals know that it is no stretch whatsoever to imagine a remote village being terrorized by a Yeti. The bigger stretch is assuming there are remote Tibetan villages not being terrorized by Yeti.

If there were an incomparably cunning beast, filled with unquenchable hatred for mankind, roaming around our research complex would certainly heighten our personal discomfort. What can these people do about it? Shivering behind the walls of  a Tibetan peasant hut is no protection from a malevolent cryptid with the documented strength of at least a dozen yaks.

Anyway you look at it, it’s a bad situation. If “Refuge” can give the world a tiny glimpse into the reality of everyday life in proximity to the Yeti, then Sam Raimi deserves some commendation.

The man has been given ample creative room to favorably display the freedom-focused ferocity of the Yeti. The question is, will he do it right?

The Beer Yeti is willing to hope for the best.

Of course, if Raimi is serious about accurate Yeti portrayal, he should reach out to the cryptozoological research community for their support in making the film. One important step in this direction would be taking on The Beer Yeti in consultant capacity for the duration of the film’s production.Without expert advice and consultation, Raimi could easily find himself the focal point of a Yeti Exploitation Boycott. We know he wants to avoid such a career-ending eventuality. The Beer Yeti does as well, seeing as our own Crypto-Activist Anti-Exploitation Task Force (CAAETF) is overworked with managing the day-to-day actions of our current boycotts against Skoda Automotive and The Home Depot.

Which road will he take? Like the rest of you, The Beer Yeti will have to wait and see. We only hope “Ash” will be returning to the screen as a prominent character in “Refuge.”


One comment

  1. I’m a little surprised to see you supporting a Yeti film. Doubtless it will be Harry and the Hendersons except Harry will eat a few Tibetans. The only way you can be sure it won’t exploit Yetis is if you make the movie yourself.

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