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Home Depot Hit Hard by Beer Yeti Boycott

October 30, 2009


The response to The Beer Yeti’s call for a boycott against The Home Depot has been overwhelming. A wave of anger over the marketing of “Sasquatch the Garden Yeti” has been sweeping like a tsunami of justice through the greater cryptozoological liberation activist community.

Hopefully this anger will quickly be turned into reconciliation when The Home Depot takes the necessary steps to remove the offensive statue from their inventory.

In the meantime, The Beer yeti Boycott is taking a huge toll on the home improvement giant’s financial well-being. Third quarter profits were already significantly down from 2008 when the numbers were released in August. Now the boycott seems to be driving down hopes of a rallying third quarter.

Just view the chart below. After our boycott was announced on September 22, share prices plummeted from 28.14 down to 26.85 a short three days later. Since then, share prices have dropped even further, hitting 25.21 yesterday. Read the rest of this entry ?


SkyMall: Brainwashing the Masses?

October 29, 2009


The world of home improvement merchandising is still reeling from the heavy-handed boycott The Beer Yeti enacted over the sale of “Sasquatch the Garden Yeti,” potentially the most offensive garden decoration ever made available to international markets.

Now, Phoenix-based marketing/publishing firm “Sky Mall” has been exposed as another cog in the anti-Yeti, defamation machine.

Recently, an activist reader was perusing Sky Mall’s quarterly publication mid-flight, and discovered that the magazine offered the same objectifying sculpture that set off The Home Depot boycott!

So what exactly is it that you sell, Sky Mall? Shower radios, or exploitation?

The implications of Sky Mall selling this monument to ignorance are huge. Every year, approximately 650 MILLION travelers are exposed to their in-flight catalog. That is 650 Million people being bombarded with harmful stereotypes, and having their misconceptions cemented into an adamantine indifference to crypid rights. Read the rest of this entry ?