The Search Continues

February 26, 2015

“The UNIVERSE LEADER in Yeti research must be gone because they didn’t update their WordPress site for years.” Read that out loud until you realize how ridiculous it sounds.

We don’t owe you anything by way of an explanation, but there are concerns about a grant application being rejected without “demonstrable evidence of public engagement.” There are a handful of reasons why we’ve been noticeably absent from the public media interface for our organization (this blog).

First, we exist to research that which has escaped and confounded the convention-bound scientific community, not give you something to read in between watching videos of fat people falling off water slides and filling out per diem forms. So forgive us if we tend to focus primarily on internally-peer reviewed and distributed academic journals. If you were in the right circles you would just know. But you’re not.

That includes you, Rick in Accounting. If the grant were contingent on you doing a terrible job on the employee newsletter, the motor pool would have been upgraded years ago. You’re an organizational albatross and need to retire. He’s been fired once already, but is back, thanks to a poorly-worded contract for which we all resent HR.

Second, we lost the WordPress password. That’s on us. We’ve gone through some staffing changes, as the last full-time writer threw his computer into the Beer Yeti Compound water cistern after IT asked him to send it over for routine maintenance. It’s really all been downhill from there on the PR front. Anyway, we’ve accessed the log in and password, and are back online.

There is data to be presented, prejudices to be drawn into the light (talking to you YETI coolers), and praise to be doled out where it is due. Give us that grant now.


One comment

  1. I’m glad to see you haven’t given up the fight.

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