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Embarrassing Oversight Impedes Blog

October 15, 2010

After a lot of internal turmoil, the universe leader in Yeti research is back in the saddle again.

We may as well go ahead and let our readers know that Rick in Accounting has been let go. It was a decision we didn’t want to make, but when you’re an accountant, and it “slips your mind” to pay the bill for internet services for six months, something has to be done. Dozens of technical reports and field updates have been lost as a result of his oversight. Now our teams are scrambling to rewrite and update everything we believed was already brought to the universe’s attention.

On a positive note, email spam and Facebook invites drastically dropped off over the time Rick was not doing his job. We know you’re reading this Rick, which is possible because NOW WE HAVE INTERNET!

We have a lot of ground to cover, and many reports on our findings to bring to the world. Stay tuned.


World-Shaking Analysis of Mormon Sasquatch Sighting To Be Released

December 12, 2008

After hours of seclusion in our secret lab facilities, the Beer Yeti Research Team is ready to release a discovery that will shake the scientific world to its very core. After reporting on the story of two Mormon missionaries who found a Sasquatch footprint outside their British Columbia home, our team of scientists vowed to reach the bottom of the mystery. Why did the Sasquatch reveal himself to these to men? The answers are bone-chilling. Even the Vietnamese Traditional Medicine guy in our health and wellness facility thought so! The data will be posted as soon as possible.



October 27, 2008

Freshly returned from a series of lengthy field experiments, the staff at Beer Yeti will begin publishing the findings as soon possible. We report -with immense relief- that not one of our number was lost to Yeti attack during this particular trip.