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The Beer Yeti Confronts Czech Car Manufacturer Over Controversial Marketing Campaign

August 11, 2009

skoda yeti

Exploitation: “The utilization of another person or group for selfish purposes”

If you are deeply offended the picture above, you should be. In fact, it was hotly debated at our staff meeting this morning whether we should even allow this photo to be released on our organizational blog.

After many tears were shed, we came to the conclusion that we are-after all- a research organization primary focused on cryptid protection and liberation, and to let this horror slip by unrefuted would be shrinking back from everything we have fought so long for.

Skoda Auto, a Czech vehicle manufacturer, recently introduced a new compact SUV styled the “Yeti.”

What a chance for Skoda! In their hands was the opportunity to christen a vehicle after a beast unrivaled in strength, cunning and ferocity.Instead, this company chose to go down the sad road of exploitation. Below is the letter which our organization will shortly be sending to Skoda’s Board of Directors. Read the rest of this entry ?


North Korea Steps forward as Unlikely Supporter of Post-Credential Educational Approach

August 6, 2009

Video provided to The Beer Yeti demonstrating North Korean post-substantive, socio-political leadership schema

It is safe to say that our staff is reeling from the enthusiasm and support shown by the many people who have embraced the paradigm shifting potential of The Beer Yeti’s “post-credential” educational model. Our demand for liberation focused, cryptozoology curricula to be included at university level instruction was hardly posted when the messages of praise and solidarity started coming in. Certainly the support from some quarters has been unexpected ( to say the least), but our top organizational directors are firmly committed to subjecting personal political philosophies for the advancement of freedom for the Yeti, Sasquatch, and their lesser known relations.

North Korea has been especially enthusiastic in their embracing of an educational approach that espouses non-diagnostic, non-normative, benchmark-free assessment. From our  in-depth research via Wikipedia, it seems that this peninsular pariah has been blazing trails in that department for quite some time. Obviously their “research” is still shackled to more western, post-enlightenment conventions than The Beer Yeti would ever make use of in our organizational research, but the country’s consistent refusal of empirically-based decision making is impressive. While the legal implications of supplying their national university system with Cryptozoological Science curricula are something that our legal department must ponder, we are none the less flattered that our little announcement has made such impressive headway.


The Beer Yeti moves the Korean Peninsula outside the box


Beer Yeti’s Post-Credential Education Initiative Flooded With Praise

August 5, 2009


The Beer Yeti’s Post-Credential Educational Model casts a large shadow over convention-bound academia

Every day, thousands of schools, corporations, and charitable fill news wires with announcements and news releases.

Some stories get more “legs” than others, and The Beer Yeti is pleased to announce that our own humble appeal for inclusion has been such a story.

Last week The Beer Yeti’s team of distinguished crypto-liberation scientists announced their intent to establish a new curriculum by which everyday citizens could gain access to higher education in the “post-empirical” field of hidden animal studies.

Unveiling the primarily experiential, crypto-freedom educational-perspective-facilitation “system” was just one step forward in a decades-long journey toward our pan-disciplinary vision: a “post-credential” academic model of university instruction.

An elite cadre of Beer Yeti fellows, adjunct scholars, and high-level advisors laid out their plan for an assessment model that is strictly non-normative, non-diagnostic and liberated from the crippling benchmark standards that have come to define so-called traditional western academic instruction.

They frankly predicted that powerful public figures from (archaic) classroom-styled colleges and universities would respond with a reactionary mixture of disdain and anger.

What our researchers failed to account for was the groundswell of heartfelt support from other liked-minded truth seekers who pursue similar –even complementary– paths toward pan-disciplinary, post-content meta-science.
Experts from The Beer Yeti, long acknowledged to be preeminent in their understanding of Yeti, Sasquatch, and their lesser known relations, have been deeply moved by all the pledges of support, and offers of assistance in the development and administration of the new degree program. As we have previously stated, our proposed curriculum would contribute toward a degree equivalent. Limiting the instructional quality and experiential wisdom to a contrived definition like “degree” would do us all a disservice.

Activists have come out of some very unexpected woodwork, without invitation or prodding, to communicate support and encouragement for The Beer Yeti’s blazing a new trail in academia. Among the most wildly enthusiastic have been post-Reichian Orgone theorists, neo-quantum Odic force botanists, applied Phrenologists, and Sheldrake inspired Morphic Field researchers. Color us impressed! Read the rest of this entry ?