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UFO Pilots Sacrifice Themselves To Save Yeti from Inter-Galactic Feud

May 28, 2009


In a meteoric rise to the height of scientific credibility and acumen, Dr. Yuri Labvin, president of the Tunguska Spatial Phenomenon Foundation, has revealed the most shocking revelation since the Shape-shifting Were- Squatch.

In 1908, high above the Siberian wilderness, an extra terrestrial spacecraft heroically interposed itself between earth and a meteor hell bent on the destruction of the Yeti.

Known to most scientists as the “Tunguska Event,” the resulting conflagration devastated a massive land area, but killed no humans due to the extreme wildness of the region.

Needless to say The Beer Yeti has put the bloodhound nose of our scientific inquiry staff onto the case, and taken the work of the good Dr. Labvin to its next logical, and scientific, conclusion. Read the rest of this entry ?